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Meet the people of Haus of Yarn!

Carolyn, the owner of Haus of Yarn, rarely meets a yarn she doesn’t like, and the store shows it! Carolyn has been knitting for nearly 50 years. She loves vibrant colors and cashmere is her favorite fiber to knit. The majority of shop models are knit by Carolyn, which gives her the opportunity to experience a wide variety of yarns and patterns. She loves garter stitch. She and her husband have an adult son and three very spoiled little dogs.

Sandra has worked at HOY since its opening. We estimate she has taught over 1000 people to knit in her Beginner’s Knitting class! She loves knitting for her grandkids best, and herself next, especially effortless chic designs. Sandra is currently going through a fascination with lace yarns. Outside of work she is an avid golfer and has two Scottish Terriers.

Shayron Shayron has been knitting since high school~~~~50 years!!!!!!! Other than knitting, her favorite things to do are spending time with her “Grands” , cooking, and going to the beach. She has a Boston Terrier, “Sadie” who is spoiled rotten. Sandra, Bobbe, and Shayron helped Carolyn set the store up originally. So she has been here since the beginning. She loves teaching “Pick Your Project,” especially because everyone is doing a different project. Keeps you on your toes!!! This is a great class for repeat customers and it is fun for her to see them grow in their knitting!!! She loves seeing friends from years ago that come into the shop. It is a great place to work.

Bobbe comes to Haus of Yarn with experience, creativity and flair. Former owner of Bandywood Knit Shop, which specialized in custom-written patterns, Bobbe is your go-to gal for putting together fun mixes of yarns and pattern embellishments. She has published patterns in all the One Skein books, as well as being our in-house designer since the store's opening. Bobbe believes knitting should be relaxing and fun, magical and spiritual, with a little whimsy thrown in for good measure.

Lisa loves knitting because as Elizabeth Zimmermann says, "Properly practiced knitting soothes the troubled soul, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled one either." She never leaves the house without her knitting in tow and always has a project on the needles for every occasion. Shawls and socks (and blankets, and ponchos, and...well, you get the picture) are among her favorite things to make and if you were to peek at her yarn stash, you would find lots of reds, purples, and grays. For Lisa, Haus of Yarn has always been such a treasure trove of resources, inspiration, knowledge and encouragement and she is THRILLED to be part of this team.

Meg has been knitting for over 10 years, and her favorite things to knit are garments or teensy, fiddly projects. Meg loves to knit miles and miles of stockinette and her favorite yarns are those that are 100% sheep-to-skein Made in the U.S. She uses her extensive backround in interior design to keep the store fresh and exciting. You'll also see Meg whenever you visit our mobile shop on wheels! Meg is the lucky mama to sweet, sweet Stanley. When she is not knitting ...what? not knitting?'ll find her on the nearest lake or river practicing her Stand Up Paddling skills.

Sue has been a continental knitter for 47 years and came to Haus of Yarn shortly after its opening.  She loves helping customers create new projects and explore new knitting ideas. She enjoys being at the store on Saturdays, when out-of-towners walk into our "yarn heaven" for the first time.  Sue loves teaching a variety of classes, helping new and experienced knitters. One student recently named her "The Yarn Whisperer." When she is not knitting, Sue enjoys reading, swimming, Pilates and her volunteer work with the elderly. Sue is always looking forward to her next trip (with hubby Jack) to visit her daughters and grandchildren.

Patty fervently believes that life is too short to wear neutrals, and demonstrates this in most of the garments that she knits (and wears!)  An avid handknitter since 1983, Patty is also a machine knitter, hand spinner, and weaver, as well as a former yarn shop co-owner. She is an avowed angora junkie, lover of hand-dyed yarns, and enjoys knitting classic styles and shapes as well as trendy accessories. Customers will often hear her suggesting the addition of "a few beads or sequins, or maybe just a little touch of that sparkly mohair" to their knitted creations.  She is always happy to help you make your selections at Haus of Yarn.

Julie is continually inspired by all of the knitters she works with at Haus of Yarn. She began crocheting at age 8 and learned to knit from Shayron not so very long ago. Julie likes to see what her knitter friends are up to and then tries to design crocheted versions of their projects. She’s happiest when her projects involve tiny hooks and light-weight yarn.

Leah learned to knit from her Mom when she was 6 yrs old. The first thing she finished was a mouse shaped beanbag for a Girl Scout badge. The first UFO was a dress so she realized early on that she was definitely a process, not a product, knitter. She does love finished items though, so does finish things! She loves playing with texture and slipped stitches to see how they affect color, and many of her patterns incorporate these techniques. She is a confirmed sockaholic and loves creating new sock knitters! When not at the yarn store, Leah is a project manager professionally to help pay for her habits, er hobbies. In addition to knitting, she also loves to spin yarn on a spinning wheel. She is known as the Agileknitter in the dog agility community and competes on a national level with rescue dogs. Leah teaches sock knitting, Fair Isle, felting, short rows, handwarmers, gift presentation, you name it. The thing she loves about knitting is you will never know it all. Favorite yarn? Almost all of them. Favorite colors are purple and green andfavorite yarn store is Haus of Yarn!

Kelley is a recently retired homeschool mom with 3 college-age kiddos. Her other children include a one-eyed Jack Russell terrorist, a boxer and her 100lb spawn. Kelley's great-aunt taught her to knit when she was 4 years old, and she has dabbled in several crafty pursuits: cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, tatting, smocking, quilting, basket-making, rug-hooking and crochet. In the last ten years, Kelley's love of yarn has taken over!

Vicki is what we like to call a jack-of-all-trades-multi-crafter; she knits both English and Continental, she crochets, she spins (supported spindles & on a wheel), she sews and she quilts. She has embroidered, cross-stitched and can even weave on rigid heddle looms. She absolutely adores knitting socks and takes every opportunity she can to add beads to every pattern that crosses her path. She has knit since she lived in Berlin, 34 years ago. and has crocheted since she was a teenager (a million years ago, her words, not ours!). She is a huge fan of black cats and guinea pigs. Recently retired, she feels like she is "Livin' The Dream" by working at Haus of Yarn.

Hi! This is Stanley. He was found right in front of the shop. After a brief stay at the pound, he found his forever home with Meg. She brings him to the shop most Fridays where he is the official greeter, when he’s not napping. In exchange, he receives many kisses and belly rubs.
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